The original name of this Lodge was "Hochelaga Lodge", formed in the month of February, A.D., 1876, under dispensation granted by M. Wor. Bro. J.H. Graham, Grand Master of Masons of the Province of Quebec, to Bro. Dickson Anderson, W. M. Bro. James H. Brown, S.W.,Bro. George G. Howard, J.W., and Bros. George H. Nye, George A. Dickson, Richard Hemsley, A.E. Kingsley, George Brown, John E. Brown, Charles C. Kent, Thomas J. Darling, William O'Hara, William Jordan and John Taylor.

A Warrant of Confirmation was granted to the Lodge designating it as No. 57 on the Register of Quebec, and the Charter was granted in September 1876.

A dispensation was granted by M. Wor. Bro. T.P. Butler, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Quebec, to change the name to "ROYAL VICTORIA LODGE", on the 15th of January, AD, 1894.

In 1971 a group of thirty-one Canadians of Hungarian origin, member of the "UNITAS Association of Hungarian Freemasons in Canada" were received into Royal Victoria Lodge, thereby underscoring in the international character of Freemasonry in general, and of this Lodge in particular.

In 1999, Mount Moriah Lodge amalgamated with Royal Victoria Lodge #57 on January 5, 1999.